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How did I acquire 1,000 cigarette butts?

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I’ve by no means smoked. I assume it's due to the scent, the nauseating scent that lingers in your garments and your hair with a cigarette.

Final week, I had the doubtful pleasure of feeling the stink of 1,000 cigarette butts. Spoiler alert: It's worse than you think about. A lot worse.

That's the story of why I did it.

Our seashores are drowning in cigarette butts

It began with articles on the influence of plastic straw air pollution. They’re the seventh commonest waste on our seashores and have attracted a lot consideration that in just a few months, they’ve begun to be banned all around the world.

what doesn’t appeal to a lot consideration? One other ingredient of the basket so ubiquitous that we are inclined to neglect it, even when we stroll 100 occasions a day. Cellulose acetate bin that breaks down into microplastic particles.

Sure, I'm speaking about cigarette butts.

As a result of they’re so small, we are inclined to imagine that they aren’t garbage and that this cigarette butt doesn’t matter. The impact of our irresponsible conduct is placing: there isn’t a different trash bin so omnipresent in our cities – and in our oceans as properly. Ocean Conservancy has seen that cigarette butts account for one in 5 gadgets in annual rib cleanings, making it probably the most useful merchandise on this planet.

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Let's go get some butts

As soon as I found this, I began digging deeper. In July of this 12 months, three French youngsters, Amel Talha, Jason Prince and Christian Musitu Swamu, launched a marketing campaign towards cigarette butts. Jason picked up cigarette butts from a bottle and posted the image on Twitter, whereas Amel threw #FillTheBottle. Since then, the hashtag has turn into viral, forcing a whole lot of individuals to wash as much as protest the deluge of cigarette butts.

I requested 4 pals to take a stroll with me to test what number of cigarette butts we are able to acquire in Krakow, Poland. We set a time-frame – solely 30 minutes – and walked the streets of town, armed with glass jars and rubber gloves. We thought it might be inconceivable to fill 5 jars, one per particular person, in half an hour solely.

We crammed 9.

With 1000 cigarette butts. Thousand. Think about the scent.

How can we make a change?

This quick stroll to select up cigarette butts gave me an concept. What if we weren’t alone? And if as a substitute of 5 folks, we’d be 500? Or 5,000? What if, as a substitute of doing it simply as soon as, we’re dedicated to extra common cleansing? What can be our influence?

This thought led to the creation of the calculator for cleansing cigarette butts. It is a software I constructed with the Omni Calculator venture. It tells you what the precise results of your cleansing shall be, whether or not it's a one-off factor or an everyday dedication.

My software not solely tells you the variety of cigarette butts that you’ll be able to decide up in a given time, but in addition the variety of liters of seawater that you’ll save by avoiding contamination and the variety of kilos of plastic waste that won’t be thrown on our seashores. . It additionally tells you what number of youngsters or pets might undergo from severe intoxication in the event that they consumed the cigarette butts that you just collected. Small contributions characterize big numbers; For instance, by committing to select up cigarette butts for not more than 20 minutes per week, you'll save 5,000 liters of water a 12 months.

So seize a bottle or jar, name just a few family and friends members and prepare your personal cleansing. The extra we stroll within the streets of our cities with glass jars in our fingers, the extra we shall be sensitized. We now have already made socially unacceptable plastic straws. It's time to ban cigarette butts in our streets!

Background picture courtesy of Bogna Haponiuk

In regards to the creator

Bogna Haponiuk is a wierd mixture of author, engineer and entrepreneur. She writes for Omni Calculator to lift consciousness about environmental points. In her free time, she dances, except it's in November, when she disappears for a month to jot down a novel by NaNoWriMo.

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