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Earth911 Quiz # 71: Know your carbon influence each day

Earth911 Quiz # 71: Have you learnt your carbon footprint?

The small impacts on the local weather of your each day life add to the worldwide drawback dealing with humanity: a warming environment. Every of us could make a distinction by decreasing pointless CO2 emissions. This sends a message to the business: these merchandise not match with our warming world. Have you learnt how a lot CO2 your consumption of soda, your journeys within the retailer and the viewing of movies in streaming? Take a look at your data on this Quiz.

Every week, challenges you with quizzes that check your sustainability know-how and assist you make inexperienced selections when buying, utilizing merchandise, and eliminating undesirable objects.

How a lot CO2 is produced to offer a 20 oz. bottle of soda?

Whenever you purchase 20 oz. bottle of soda, it comes with a value of CO2. How a lot carbon dioxide is emitted throughout bottle manufacture, powder filling, and supply?

You make a brief three km drive as much as the shop: how a lot CO2 did you emit?

You drive a automobile that will get 24.7 mpg, the nationwide common, a mile to the shop and the again. How a lot CO2 does the journey produce?

How a lot CO2 is generated by one hour of video streaming?

In keeping with Tatiana Schlossberg's new e-book, Conspicuous ConsumptionA flawless keep228.eight People watch video streaming, which represents greater than 114 billion hours of video consumption per 12 months. How a lot CO2 does one hour of flux emit into the environment?

How a lot CO2 is emitted to make and ship a sheet of bathroom paper?

What’s the carbon footprint of a single sheet of bathroom paper?

What’s the carbon footprint and water of a pair of denims over 4 years?

Whenever you purchase and put on a pair of denims for 4 years, how a lot CO2 is produced from manufacturing and washing?

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