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50 Years In the past

A novel information storage and processing expertise for computer systems and phone switching methods, involving the motion of minute magnetic domains, or bubbles, by way of skinny sheets of an orthoferrite, is being explored at Bell Phone Laboratories. The system results in reminiscence densities of about 1,000,000 bits per sq. orthoferrite… Single, or teams of them, are being made to carry out a wide range of capabilities – logic, reminiscence, switching and counting – and never appear to be notably appropriate, the truth that it’s doable that

From Nature 23 August 1969

100 Years In the past

Through the warfare the right provision of life-belts … on ships grew to become of important significance owing to the submarine menace. One of the crucial broadly used home equipment was a life-jacket full of "kapok" or floss. … In keeping with the present official laws, the one one which can be utilized for this function is Java kapok, which consists of the lengthy hair surrounding the seeds of a tree that’s abundantly concerned within the Dutch East Indies. The same materials is, nonetheless, obtainable from India, however from a unique tree, and this one could also be used for life-jackets. The outcomes of trials on the Imperial Institute … have proven that the Indian floss can absolutely fulfill the necessities of the buoyancy and freedom of water-logging. It’s, subsequently, advised that using Indian kapok ought to be formally permitted for life-jackets.

From Nature 21 August 1919

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