Methods to freeze summer time greens

It’s not crucial to make use of tasteless merchandise from all over the world as soon as the native rising season is over.

At this level of the season, the farmers' market tables are a delirium of colours, precariously piled up with mountains of excellent merchandise: succulent outdated tomatoes of their unbalanced magnificence, touch-cut corn, summer time squash luminous aligned in a flirty nonchalance. However what’s going to occur. Abundance will slowly lower because the apples begin to take over, and all of the sudden, the roots and kale till spring.

Whereas the revival of preserves is in full swing, sterilized pots and water baths cowl the counter tops of many kitchens. However in case you're fearful about canning or having sufficient freezer house to enrich the pantry, product freezing is an effective way to protect the native harvest in the course of the darkest months. Though frozen greens have had a nasty status previously, I used to be desperate to get frozen merchandise as an alternative of outdated merchandise, canned items from the commerce or merchandise imported from afar. Vitamins will not be misplaced and if they’re frozen correctly, neither their texture nor their taste.

The fundamentals

Use the freshest merchandise you could find and freeze them as quickly as you’ll be able to – the quicker the higher. You should definitely keep away from merchandise graded for the best pesticide residues. Wash and dry totally. Take away the kernels and reduce them into uniformly sized items.Select your containers – and don’t forget to go away an additional margin for growth.In the event you monitor your use of plastic, the extremely popular Ball manufactures glass jars secure for the freezer. Label with content material and date.


Though freezing slows the motion of enzymes, it doesn’t cease it fully. In consequence, most merchandise require a warmth therapy course of, normally bleaching, to inactivate ripening enzymes and protect shade, texture and taste. To blanch the greens, place them in a pot of boiling water. Use about one gallon of water per kilo of ready greens. Boil water and time whitening as quickly because the water comes again to boiling after immersing the product. As soon as the really helpful time has elapsed, take away the greens and immerse them in very chilly water (you’ll be able to add ice) for a similar size of time that you just blanched them.

Most frozen merchandise needs to be saved for 9 to 12 months. These are the essential strategies for the most well-liked merchandise of the summer time.


Wash and reduce off the ends, reduce if desired. For complete beans, blanch for 3 minutes, for reduce beans, blanch for 2 minutes. Dry, pack, seal and label.


For the nuclei: Take away the envelopes and bristles and reduce off the ends. Blanch the ears of medium measurement, Three-Four ears at a time for 5 minutes. After bleaching, take away the grains from the cob, pack, seal and label.
For corn on the cob: Take away the envelopes and bristles and reduce off the ends. Blanch the ears of medium measurement for eight minutes. Wrap them individually and retailer them in baggage. Seal and label.


Minimize in slices, sprinkle with salt and go away to empty for 30 minutes. Blot and sauté gently in olive oil till they’re tender. Cool, pack, seal and label.


For basil solely, water or steam whiten 1 minute. For different herbs, bleaching shouldn’t be crucial. Freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Freezing the pesto in ice dice trays, then placing the pesto cubes in a bag to disperse simply is a sensible and standard factor, however Jacques Pépin has a special imaginative and prescient of the factor. He prefers to not freeze the completed pesto and as an alternative opts for the freezing of a basil puree that he then turns into pesto after thawing.


With backyard peas shelled, it isn’t essential to peel snow peas or sugar cane. Blanch for a minute and a half, dry, pack, seal and label.


Peppers, peppers to all sorts of peppers, are a part of greens that don’t require warmth therapy. Freeze them complete or in slices.


Technique 1: Wash, reduce in half, quartered or go away every part. Pat dry and pack in freezer baggage. Take away the air, label and seal.
Technique 2: Soak in boiling water for 1 minute. Take away and peel. Place on a tray and freeze for 30 minutes. Place in plastic baggage, take away air, seal and label.
Technique ThreeSimmer the chopped tomatoes in a pan for five minutes or till they’re tender. Go by a sieve or meals mill to take away pores and skin and seeds. Cool and pack in plastic containers leaving a transparent house.

Zucchini and squash of summer time

Wash, reduce off the ends, reduce into slices or strips and blanch with water for 3 minutes. Wipe, pack, seal and label.

This up to date story was printed in 2012.

It’s not crucial to make use of tasteless merchandise from all over the world as soon as the native rising season is over.

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