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It might be that darkish matter existed earlier than the Huge Bang, based on a brand new mathematical examine

Break the thriller of darkish matter is among the most irritating quests of physics.

A lingering suggestion on find out how to clarify a few of the darkish matter challenges is that the bizarre stuff has appeared earlier than the Huge Bang. This second represents the most well-liked clarification of the start of the universe, in an instantaneous singularity that extends over billions of years in all that surrounds us. And if darkish matter got here first, it could change the way in which scientists ought to search for the substance.

"The examine revealed a brand new hyperlink between particle physics and astronomy," mentioned in an announcement the creator of the examine, Tommi Tenkanen, a physicist on the college. Johns Hopkins College. "If darkish matter is new particles born earlier than the Huge Bang, they uniquely have an effect on how galaxies are distributed within the sky, and this connection can be utilized to disclose their identification and draw conclusions in regards to the instances which have preceded the Huge Bang, too. "

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Tenkanen has developed a mathematical mannequin to check the interplay of darkish matter with what physicists name scalar particles. On this class, scientists have to this point solely seen the Higgs boson. And if darkish matter is definitely older than the Huge Bang, the substance will surely have interacted with scalar particles, he mentioned.

"If darkish matter was actually a relic of the Huge Bang, in lots of instances the researchers would have needed to see a direct sign of darkish matter in numerous particle physics experiments," Tenkanen mentioned.

The truth that researchers haven’t but seen such a sign is troubling. However Tenkanen mentioned his mannequin may level to a special method to addressing darkish matter: specializing in astronomical observations. Particularly, he mentioned he noticed the potential of the house telescope Euclid of the European Area Company, whose launch is anticipated in 2022. This spacecraft is designed to map the contours of the universe, leaving the scientists a decline of about 10 billion years.

The brand new analysis is described in an article revealed yesterday (August 7) ​​within the journal Bodily Evaluation Letters.

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