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Try this cool video from the Falcon Re-Entry. Two sound booms!

Elon Musk posted a video on 4 Falcon Again to Faculty panels on his Twitter feed and this even drives the jaded area watchers right into a frenzy.

With all of the success of SpaceX, it's straightforward to neglect how lengthy it took to get up to now. Do you bear in mind 2001, when Musk needed to ship experimental greenhouses to Mars utilizing refurbished Soviet ICBMs as rockets? And apparently, one of many main Russian designers spit on him as a result of he was a novice? Good time.

So bear in mind when Musk and SpaceX determined to construct their very own rockets, and so they needed to invent a machine to do it, known as a friction welder for an aluminum-lithium alloy? Why not in 2008, when SpaceX launched the world's first privately financed liquid gasoline rocket?

That's the story of SpaceX now. We at the moment are getting used to SpaceX reusable rocket boosters and movies of their landings. However this one is at all times cool, in all probability as a result of we are able to watch the video from 4 angles directly.

And since we see it, the area will at all times be cool. The video speaks for itself. Take pleasure in.


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