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Creator's correction: Superior maturation of human cardiac tissue derived from pluripotent stem cells

On this letter, there are a number of errors within the following figures. In Determine 2e, the labels of the y-axis ought to have been "zero, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300" somewhat than "zero, 50, 100, 100, 200, 200 and 300". In Prolonged Information Fig. 5g, attributable to an error within the preparation of the figures, the grownup human coronary heart tissue group was duplicated and totally different areas of the identical part have been proven for each "grownup" and "depth" photos . This determine has been corrected on-line and the inaccurate unique panels are proven in Fig. 1 of this modification for larger transparency. Uncooked knowledge for photos in Prolonged Information Fig. 5g in addition to different trendy transmission electron microscope (TEM) photos are included in 'SI' in Figshare ( As well as, the identical TEM micrograph of mitochondria was utilized in FIG. 2nd and the final panel of Prolonged Information in FIG. 6 (entitled 'Mitochondria'), which centered on two totally different areas as an example lipid droplets and ultrastructure of mitochondria. The identical micrograph has been proven at totally different magnifications (the dimensions bars of Determine 2nd and prolonged knowledge of Determine 6 are respectively 200 nm and 500 nm) and orientations. The uncooked knowledge from these photos and different modern TEM photos are included in 'SI ED2' in Figshare (

Fig. 1

This determine exhibits the unique "grownup" and "depth" photos printed from Prolonged Information Fig. 5g, in addition to the corrected variations.

Fig. 2

This determine exhibits the initially printed intensive knowledge, Fig. 8f, g, and the corrected prolonged knowledge, FIG. 8f, g.

In Prolonged Information Fig. 8f, g, the packing containers indicating the place of the incrustations have been misplaced. This determine has been corrected on-line and the inaccurate unique panels are proven in Fig. 2 of this modification for larger transparency. Excessive decision photos of Prolonged Information Fig. eight and particular person panels are included in 'SI' in Figshare ( All knowledge was analyzed (not excluded) as specified within the report abstract. As well as, in Determine 1d and the prolonged knowledge of Determine 3f, the information is "imply ± s.e.m." somewhat than "common ± s.d", and the legend and determine, respectively, have been up to date accordingly.

Within the strategies, the pulsatile electrical subject voltage needs to be "three.5 to V Vcm-1" somewhat than "four.5 mV" (as appropriately said within the prolonged knowledge Fig. 1e). We additionally want to make clear that immuno-conservations in Prolonged Information Fig. 5e, f have been made in two adjoining tissue sections, as specified within the legend of the determine. Lastly, we want to embrace two extra references to additional doc the T-tubule system in grownup human coronary heart tissue. These references ought to seem after the next textual content: "… relying on each the intracellular calcium shops and the proximity of the CaV1.2 channels and T tubules …", and have been included in references 28 and 29, with all the next quotations renumbered. This letter has been corrected on-line.

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