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A soccer meteorite could have landed in an Indian rice area

A small meteorite could have been crushed in a paddy area in jap India on Monday, July 22nd.

In line with CNN, this unusual rock weighing nearly 14 kilograms and the dimensions of a soccer left an imprint within the muddy waters of the rice fields of Mahadeva village in Bihar.

It’s presently being held on the Bihar Museum however will quickly be transferred to the Srikrishna Science Heart, Bihar, in order that specialists can decide whether or not it’s a meteorite or just a outdated rock, based on an announcement from the workplace of the chief minister of Bihar. .

Meteorites are area rocks that survive the journey by way of our fiery environment and fall to Earth, based on NASA. They often have magnetic properties as a result of they’re composed, partially, of iron-nickel steel. In line with this assertion, this potential meteorite would even have magnetic properties. [Fallen Stars: A Gallery of Famous Meteorites]

Our planet is bombarded every day with greater than 100 tons (90 tons) of meteorites the dimensions of a mud and a sand, however massive objects are extra uncommon. About annually, a car-sized asteroid enters the environment and creates a fireball (just like the one which crossed the Canadian skies on Wednesday (July 24)), burning earlier than touching the bottom, based on The NASA.

Each 2,000 years or so, a meteorite the dimensions of a soccer area hits the planet and causes vital native harm. Each two or three million years or so, a very large object can destroy any human civilization.

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