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A partial eclipse of the moon on a lunar present 50 years after the launch of Apollo 11

BOGOTA, Colombia – The moon was on the finish of a partial lunar eclipse when it rose above the Andean horizon on Tuesday, July 16th, its northern department taking up a barely tinted shade as the road of the moon metropolis ​​skyline has largely obscured. The & # 39; Thunder Moon & # 39; full is then raised within the sky, veiled within the cloud cowl that settled within the savannah of Bogota, positioned at 2,640 meters above sea stage.

In different elements of South America and in the remainder of the world, tens of millions of spectators witnessed a superb celestial spectacle because the moon underwent a partial lunar eclipse. The occasion could possibly be seen on this continent and throughout Africa, within the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Asia and Australia, however North America and elements of Japanese Russia have had been left at midnight, so to talk, as a result of the moon was beneath their horizon throughout that shade. change.

This lunar eclipse, the final of 2019, occurred precisely two weeks after the shadow of a complete photo voltaic eclipse crossed the cone of South America, from Chile to Argentina, 2nd of July. She additionally arrived on a historic day: the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 to the moon.

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Astrophotographer Zaid Abbadi captured the partial lunar eclipse on 16 and 17 July 2019 in Amman, Jordan.

(Picture credit score: Zaid Abbadi)

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Astrophotographer Zaid Abbadi captured the partial lunar eclipse on 16 and 17 July 2019 in Amman, Jordan.

(Picture credit score: Zaid Abbadi)

From Bogota and most elements of Colombia, you may see the complete moon flip brownish tinted, as if the moon had been plunged right into a pot of tea. This refined coloring marks the top of the guide of the eclipse, when the moon slips into the outer a part of the Earth's shadow. Month after month, the complete moon is often lit by daylight, however its path periodically brings it again into the outer shadow (darkness) or inside (shadow) that the Earth initiatives into house.

For observers in Bogota, probably the most dramatic a part of the eclipse had already arrived by the point the moon was rising to the east. Whereas the Colombians might solely see the final penumbral section of the eclipse, those that had been additional east might see as much as 65% of the moon 's face engulfed within the solar. darkish shadow of the Earth.

A part of the partial lunar eclipse was seen in different elements of South America, resembling in La Paz, Bolivia, the place the moon was barely pink because it entered the deepest a part of the island. shadow of the Earth because it ascends into the sky. The rusty hue then disappeared from the lunar floor simply earlier than 19 hours. native time, when the partial section of the eclipse sank within the last half-light section, in line with

This NASA map reveals each the visibility map and the main occasion occasions (in UTC) of the partial lunar eclipse of July 16, 2019.

(Picture credit score: NASA / Fred Espenak)

. BreakfastNews cameraman Simon Winter took this nice photograph of the partial lunar eclipse in Tamworth, New South Wales. July 2019

On the opposite aspect of the Atlantic Ocean, metropolises resembling Cairo, Rome, Istanbul and Cape City, South Africa, witnessed the central scene of the entire of the Atlantic. occasion and captured greater than 5 hours of celestial remark. For comparability, La Paz and Brisbane, Australia, took about two hours; the moon was rising in La Paz because it got here out of the shadow of the Earth, and the moon was setting in Brisbane as she was nonetheless crossing the parasitic shadow a couple of minutes after the summit of the moon. eclipse. The partial lunar eclipse is also noticed in main cities of Europe, resembling London and Paris.

The partial lunar eclipse on the roof of the BBC and thru the viewfinder of our cameraman # LunarEclipse2019 16 July 2019

Let's zoom in on this moon #LunarEclipse July 2019

An surprising deal with throughout our holidays in France: a partial lunar eclipse. July 2019

NASA astronaut Christina Koch was aboard the Worldwide House Station when she caught the partial lunar eclipse.

"So particular to expertise a partial lunar eclipse throughout the historic week of # Apollo50th celebrations," tweeted Koch on July 16 on Twitter with a photograph of the moon captured in orbit. "Dream of what we are going to see sooner or later # Artemis missions," Koch added, referring to NASA's program to ship people again to the moon's floor by 2024.

Probabilities had been in our favor on @Space_Station right this moment so particular to expertise a partial lunar eclipse throughout the historic week of # Apollo50 celebrations. Dream of what we are going to see in future #Artemis missions. July 2019

Others, like photographer Andrew Brooks, have made a particular connection between the eclipse and the celebrations of this historic week.

"It's good to see the moon so stunning at #MoonLanding's birthday," Brooks stated on Twitter, accompanied by a photograph of the eclipse that he took in Manchester, England.

This #LunarEclipse night from the #Manchester middle. By means of the clouds, the bushes and the sunshine of town. Good to see the moon so stunning on this anniversary day # MoonLanding # MoonLanding50 # Apollo50 #moon July 2019

In the event you missed this lunar eclipse, you’ll have to wait till January 10, 2020 to have an opportunity to see the following one. This eclipse can be solely a penumbra eclipse, which signifies that the moon is not going to be as darkish as it’s going to cross the outermost a part of the Earth's shadow. There can be a complete of 4 penile lunar eclipses in 2020, however there can be no different partial or complete lunar eclipse earlier than 2021. For extra info on upcoming eclipses, try our Full checklist of lunar and photo voltaic eclipses from right here to 2024.

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