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Creator Correction: Genomic Characterization of Metastatic Breast Cancers

Present tackle: Division of Biomedical Analysis, College of Bern, Bern, Switzerland

These authors additionally contributed: François Bertucci, Charlotte Okay Y. Ng, Anne Patsouris.

These authors collectively supervised this work: Thomas Filleron, Christophe Le Tourneau and Fabrice André.

François Bertucci, Nadine Carbuccia, Séverine Garnier, Max Chaffanet and Daniel Birnbaum

Charlotte Okay. Y. Ng, Salvatore Piscuoglio and Maria R. De Filippo

Charlotte Okay. Y. Ng and Salvatore Piscuoglio

Anne Patsouris and Mario Campone

Anne Patsouris and Mario Campone

Jean Charles Soria and Fabrice André

Alicia Tran Dien, Yahia Adnani and Guillaume Meurice

Marta Jimenez and Alexandra Jacquet

Semih Dogan, Benjamin Verret and Fabrice André

Florence Dalenc and Thomas Filleron