What’s the downside with my tomato plant? We’ve got the reply

Listed here are four widespread issues with tomatoes in the summertime – and suggestions for fixing them.

At the moment of the 12 months, you wait in your tomatoes ripen on the vine otherwise you marvel what's mistaken. This quick video from the College of Illinois Extension covers some issues you would possibly encounter along with your tomatoes.

Look what's mistaken with my tomato vegetation?

1. yellowing leaves

As defined within the video, the yellowed and discolored leaves the place the veins are nonetheless inexperienced are the signal of phosphorus or calcium deficiency.

2. Container of tomatoes which can be dying

The objective is the well being of tomatoes grown in containers. In case your stems are withering, it signifies that the plant isn’t getting sufficient water. The roots dry and die and the higher components of the plant start to wither.

three. Fracting fruits

Like foliage that dies, the cracking of tomatoes is an indication of irregular watering. If the plant receives an excessive amount of water throughout the maturation of the fruit, the pores and skin will crack as a result of the pores and skin of the fruit won’t be able to develop.

four. Rot of the top of the flowers

One other downside with tomatoes at the moment of 12 months that’s not coated within the video is the rot of the flower suggestions. It begins as a small tanned spot that shortly turns into what appears to be like like a sore. This isn’t a illness, however a calcium deficiency within the growing fruit.

Remedy your tomato issues

Should you encounter any of those issues along with your tomato vegetation, it’s nonetheless potential to get better a crop of tomatoes this 12 months. Appropriate the deficiencies of your tomato vegetation by feeding them with a fertilizer specifically designed for tomatoes.

Water recurrently (and evenly) to stop your potted tomatoes from drying out till they die. If the soil is dry: water slowly and evenly till the soil is saturated with water. You’ll be able to push your finger into the bottom and whether it is nonetheless dry, sprinkle it somewhat extra. Mulching your containers will assist evaporation and you’ll have extra time to water earlier than the soil dries fully.

The fruit division is extra of an aesthetic downside, however one which can be minimized while you water evenly with out ready in your soil to dry fully earlier than watering.

With somewhat consideration in your vegetation and somewhat luck, you possibly can nonetheless harvest tomatoes grown at house this fall.

How are tomatoes in your backyard? Do you swim within the fruits? Questioning what you probably did mistaken?

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Editor's Word: This up to date article was revealed in 2012.

Listed here are four widespread issues associated to tomatoes in the summertime – and suggestions for fixing them.

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