Chicken of 11 toes found in Crimea

Found in a cave, this stunning discovery reveals a quick and large chicken that weighed virtually as a lot as a polar bear.

In Cuba lives the smallest chicken – the bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae), which measures 57 millimeters (2.24 inches) lengthy, half of which is the beak and the tail. These hummers weigh just one.6 grams (zero.056 ounces).

However a number of million years in the past, the birds regarded decidedly completely different. And possibly it's not any extra completely different from our beloved hummingbird than Pachystruthio dmanisensis, an enormous chicken whose dimension was unknown to scientists till a shock discovery in a cave Crimean. Though scientists as soon as knew the chicken, it was solely throughout this latest discovery that they calculated its dimension – and the factor was enormous.

Not solely is it one of many largest birds ever identified, however its presence in Europe casts a shadow over the idea that such large birds solely existed on the islands of Madagascar, New Zealand, and New Zealand. 39; Australia.

The newly found specimen, discovered within the Taurida Cave on the north coast of the Black Sea, suggests a chicken as large because the Madagascar elephant or the New Zealand moa. The researchers calculated that it measured no less than three.5 meters and weighed about 450 kilograms.

"After I first felt the burden of the chicken I used to be holding the thigh bone in my hand, I believed that it needed to be protected." act of a Madagascar elephant chicken fossil, as a result of no chicken of this dimension has been reported in Europe.Nevertheless, the construction of the bone unexpectedly , advised a distinct story, "says Dr. Nikita Zelenkov, senior creator of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"We nonetheless wouldn’t have sufficient knowledge to inform if it was ostrich or different birds, however we estimate that it weighed about 450 kg." This formidable weight is nearly the double of the biggest of the three largest residing chicken, the widespread ostrich, and virtually as a lot as an grownup polar bear. "

On the idea of the dimensions and form of the femur, scientists imagine that P. dmanisensis was comparatively quick. Whereas the elephant birds had been too large to be quick, the brand new chicken's femur was lengthy and skinny, suggesting that he may have been an excellent runner. The bone seems extra like that of an ostrich or a contemporary moa.

"Velocity ​​might have been important to the survival of the chicken." Along with his bones, paleontologists have found fossils of big, extremely specialised carnivores of the ice age, together with large cheetahs, hyenas large and saber-toothed cats, in a position to feed themselves, "write the authors.

The opposite fossils discovered close by have made it potential up to now the good chicken 1.5 to 2 million years in the past, which implies that these huge creatures might have welcomed the primary hominins on their arrival in Europe. The authors recommend that he went to the Black Sea area by the South Caucasus and Turkey.

"The community of Taurida caves was found solely final summer time, when constructing a brand new freeway.Final yr, gigantic stays had been unearthed and the positioning will maybe train us extra concerning the distant previous of Europe, "Zelenkov stated.

The analysis was printed within the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Found in a cave, this stunning discovery reveals a quick and large chicken that weighed virtually as a lot as a polar bear.

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