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Astronomers promising gold The oldest stars of the trawler universe

Astronomers are searching for traces of gold on the floor of a number of the oldest stars within the universe to seek out the origins of heavy metals within the cosmos.

A brand new examine makes use of numerical simulations of star formation in galaxies relationship again to the Massive Bang to unravel the thriller of making heavy parts. These embrace gold, platinum, uranium and plutonium.

"To know the fundamentals of making the weather, it is advisable know what number of stars have been shaped," stated Benoit Côté, a researcher on the Joint Middle for Nuclear Astrophysics on the College of Toronto. State of Michigan. creator of the examine, stated

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The present examine depends on a discovery in 2017 that the fusion of neutron stars, or the collapse of big star nuclei, have created the heavy parts of the planet. # 39; universe. Nonetheless, researchers within the new examine are actually questioning if neutron star mergers are the one supply of gold and platinum.

A earlier examine by the identical staff of researchers within the new examine concluded that neutron stars weren’t the one supply of heavy parts. This examine revealed that these mergers alone couldn’t account for all the weather created by the r-process, or the entire nuclear reactions that create atomic nuclei for heavy parts.

Côté stated that he was for the primary time on this space of ​​analysis as a result of the origins of heavy metals weren’t clear. "Following [the 2017 study on merging neutron stars]we began to grasp what it actually meant, "stated Côté," and the way these parts have advanced via cosmic occasions. "

Along with creating the simulations, the brand new examine staff noticed historical star surfaces to measure their chemical composition, within the hope of discovering traces of gold and different heavy parts that will have shaped within the primitive universe – a subject of examine often known as "galactic". archeology."

"We work on totally different items of the puzzle and mix totally different [areas of] experience, "stated Côté.

The examine is a collaboration between the Konkoly Observatory in Hungary and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics-Middle for the Evolution of the Parts. Côté presents the staff's analysis on the Canadian Astronomy Society assembly in Montreal this week. The corresponding articles have been revealed in The Astrophysical Journal.

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