Small home in Tokyo, fireplaces illuminate the inside with a curved roof

After spending a decade educating at Waseda College and the Artwork Structure College in Tokyo, architect Takeshi Hosaka and his spouse determined to depart their small Yokohama dwelling for Tokyo, the place they might construct an excellent smaller home. Nicknamed the Love2 Home – the predecessor in Yokohama known as Love Home – the micro-home measures solely 334 sq. ft and is topped with a funnel-shaped roof to herald the sunshine of day behind the home. The tiny home has a minimalist and industrial aesthetic outlined by its strengthened concrete construction, its galvanized aluminum panel cladding and its picket accents.

Takeshi Hosaka and his spouse have lengthy admired tiny mansions all through historical past, from an Edo interval dwelling of a four-person dwelling to Le Corbusier's 181-square-foot Cabanon trip dwelling. The couple adopted the ideas of the tiny home advocating minimalism and closeness to nature by designing their first micro-house, Love Home, and their present dwelling, Love2 Home. The ideas of a perfect life within the historic Roman villas – examine bathtub, theater, music and epicureanism – additionally influenced the design of the home, which features a area for the bathtub, a lot of them. area for storage of disks, a former terracotta rice cooker and a library for books.

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The Love2 Home carved funnel roof was created because of a photo voltaic examine that confirmed that the location can be shaded for 3 months within the winter. Impressed by Scandinavian architectural options, Hosaka has created a curved roof with skylights that unfold within the mild in winter. The open inside and using concrete wall separations enable mild and pure air flow to go by all components of the home, divided into three foremost areas: a eating space, a kitchen space and the bed room.

"Once we maintain the window open on the road, folks strolling down the road be at liberty to speak to me," Takeshi Hosaka mentioned in a venture assertion. "It's like a long-time buddy, and children put their fingers on the ground and look inside. We congratulate even the stray canines of [the] to eat [room]. The primary road has a flowerbed that we respect as our backyard. On this home, we really feel the town very shut. We’re actually stunned how nice it’s to speak with the town! "

+ Takeshi Hosaka,

Photograph of Koji Fujii Nacasa and companions

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