Korvaa is the primary helmet on the earth created from biobased supplies

Transfer on plastic and aluminum – the earphones of the longer term could possibly be created from mushroom silk and biosynthetic. The Helsinki-based Aivan multidisciplinary design studio not too long ago unveiled Korvaa, the world's first helmet made completely from microbial supplies. Created with the assistance of synbio (abbreviation for "artificial biology", interdisciplinary department of biology and engineering), Korvaa is the primary bodily implementation of expertise and marks the potential shift from one to a different. fossil fuel-based economic system to a extra sustainable round economic system "bioeconomy. "

Aivan designers created Korvaa in collaboration with Synbio scientists, industrial designers, artists and filmmakers. The crew selected the helmet as the primary bodily implementation of Synbio expertise due to its compact form and the mixing of various materials properties, from arduous surfaces to mesh material. The identify Korvaa comes from Finnish, the place the identify "Korva" means ear and the verb "Korvaa" means to substitute, compensate or exchange.

"We’re taking a look at these completely different supplies and their properties, making an attempt to grasp learn how to use them, and what to get out of them – as an alternative of designing an article after which figuring out which supplies we wish to use," stated Aivan Saku Sysiö and Thomas Tallqvist, designers of merchandise. "When it comes to course of, it's nearly like stepping out of the stone age. This distinguishes this specific mission from some other modern wearable-tech mission. "

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Two variations of Korvaa helmets have been created. Every atrium consists of six parts derived from microbes and endowed with completely different properties: cellulose with out lignin produced enzymatically; Biobradable and biodegradable microbial bioplastic PLA for inflexible helmet body; a fungal mycelium just like leather-based for the tender foam materials contained in the helmet; biosynthetic spider silk for mesh-like materials contained in the earpiece; a composite of fungal mycelium and bacterial cellulose; and proteinaceous foam with vegetable cellulose. The documentation of the creation course of for the 2 helmets will likely be posted on the Fiskars Village Artwork & Design Biennial 2019 by September 19th in addition to on the Helsinki Design Week 2019 from fifth to 15th of September.

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